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Building on tradition.
 Handcrafted post and beam, timber frame, and log homes.



Welcome to Pumpkin Ridge Post & Beam and Log Homes, your first choice for handcrafted timber frame, post & beam, and log homes in the Hocking Hills Region of Southeastern Ohio. If you love the beauty and the warmth of wood and appreciate traditional Amish  craftsmanship, quality, and value, let us facilitate the construction of a custom home for you. Whether you are looking for a cabin, vacation home, or year-round residence, we will work within your budget to help turn your dream into a reality. Yes, a beautiful handcrafted wood home can be yours for that wonderful weekend getaway or the ultimate in everyday living! buy accutane online ambien for sale ativan online pharmacy imitrex online no prescription klonopin online without prescription buy maxalt online no prescription buy meridia online without prescription buy neurontin no prescription buy prednisone without prescription buy propecia online provigil for sale phentermine online pharmacy soma online no prescription valium online without prescription buy xanax online no prescription

Pumpkin Ridge Post & Beam and Log Homes is a small company nestled in the beautiful hills of southern Ohio, the perfect backdrop for your fine custom-built post and beam or log home. We produce fewer than six homes a year. Our small size makes it possible for us to facilitate the construction of your new home with the individual attention that you deserve and expect.

Only the highest quality materials.
Although southeastern Ohio is blessed with an abundance of pine and hardwood, a huge difference in quality exists between our local pine and true eastern white pine. Yet, some log home companies will tell you that they use genuine eastern white pine when in reality it is local wood. We know, because we live in Vinton County, where sawmills routinely ship truckloads of local pine to these companies. At Pumpkin Ridge Post & Beam and Log Homes, wood for our homes comes from as far away as Oregon or Maine. We do the research with all national suppliers to provide you with the highest quality timbers, beams, and logs. We have a good relationship with the companies that harvest the best possible wood, whether it be Pine, Cedar, Douglas Fir, or something else for your new home. We evaluate these companies regularly for quality and price. So when you build with us, you get only the best materials available for your money.

Tradition meets innovation.
The craftsmen of Pumpkin Ridge Post & Beam and Log Homes are skilled in the traditional techniques of Timber Framing. These are the same techniques used in many beautiful structures that stand as proudly and sturdily today as they have for over 100 years. Although we believe in the old-fashioned way of doing things, we are also innovative in our building processes when innovation is required. For example, in the home that we are just completing, the owners did not want a lot of knee braces showing through their windows. Therefore, we had to find another way to keep the post and beam strong in the rack and shear area. Research into some very old archives produced something never seen in today's modern timber frame or post and beam homes. These beautiful additions to the tops of the timbers are called Corbels. These Corbels give the top of the post all the extra width needed for the beams to rest on, and take care of the rack and shear movement of the structure. And what a beautiful addition to the post and beam home! At Pumpkin Ridge, we pay strict attention to the traditional joinery and authentic detail of the timber frame tradition, while helping you achieve exactly what you have in mind.

Our craftsmen also produce custom laminated beams. Unlike other companies, we make these laminated beams piece by piece and completely by hand. Certain of our processes may take more time, but the end result is a dramatically beautiful and extraordinarily strong beam.

As the owner of a custom home produced by Pumpkin Ridge Post & Beam and Log Homes, you will truly enjoy the best of all worlds. Your beautiful wood home will be carefully handcrafted the traditional old-fashioned way, with untraditional innovation and ingenuity. Welcome to Pumpkin Ridge!


See more photos of our current project.
Currently, we are building a Post and Beam home in Northern Vinton County. The 2200-sq-ft structure is a hybrid timber frame/stick frame construction. This "dual personality" helps to keep the costs low, but still allows all the beauty and strength of a post and beam design. For this project, we prepared the timbers for the frame and assembled the roof trusses in our workshop. We then transported timbers and trusses to the building site for erection.

To follow the progress of this project in Vinton County, click the links at the top of the page.





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